Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Out for a Walk

11" x 14" oil on board NFS Lhasa Apso Walking

At 11" x 14" this is the third of the three larger Lhasa paintings I'm doing. I find I'm losing my oriental momentum. And actually reaching a "Lhasaed out" point, but luckily only have a couple of the smaller ones do go.

That being said . . . I love this painting! It is so me in color, drama, movement, subject, light, etc. I like it so much I have contemplated not letting the Lhasa folks have it by painting another 11 x 14 for it's place. Then the piece can go a more traditional gallery route. Or my most recent thought as I gazed at it last night (I brought it home from my studio to my living room), is that maybe it can go to the Lhasa folks, and I'll paint another . . . similar, but not the same, and larger at 16 x 20 . . . hmm that maybe the way to go.

Either way, this will probably be the last of the Lhasa series that I post on my blog, since I want to keep some variety going for the non-Lhasa readers. But it probably won't be the last time my daughters feet make an appearance. I purchased the gold shoes a couple of weeks ago, and haven't worn them yet, but feeling they were a look I wanted had my daughter wear them and walk back and forth on the porch, as I stood below taking the shots. So I do feel walking feet will make another appearance in my work.

As I've mentioned before I listen to music in my studio when I paint, (actually it's about the only time I listen to music) it helps me to disengage part of my brain from painting. As I play the same CD over, and over, and over, my pieces often end up having theme music, -- especially these smaller paintings -- that I associate with them. I can say when I painted that I was listening to . . .

This Lhasa walking painting broke in a new CD, by Bobby Darin. So I went beyond the sea with mack the knife and then up a lazy river with my dream lover LOL. Dancing around my studio in between strokes at the end of the painting. Although I love painting in the public eye as an artist in action, that's something I have to be careful of -- painting with my mp3 on and not getting carried away and waving my tush around!

Odds are good that I will have prints made of this painting. Cheers.

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