Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bull Terrier

For Sale -- Currently unnamed -- oil on canvas 30" x 15"

I was away for the last several days at a painting workshop. It was wonderful. I have been wanting to take with Pam Ingalls (http://www.pamingalls.com/) for the last several years, but she had quit teaching. I am delighted that she was willing to do this, and hope she had a good time also and will consider other workshops in the future. She is truly a wonderful, fabulous painter.

So I had fully planned on posting for the blog one of the paintings I did in class (we had live models, clothed -- yeah!). But when I just took a look at the photo I took at the workshop I had to much glare from the very wet paint. The work was done (as much of mine usually is) alla prima, which means all in one sitting, wet into wet.

So instead I'm posting this fellow that I started quite awhile ago (before the horses started), but have never taken a photo of yet, or shared with others.

While I really enjoy painting animals I find more and more of my work is showing the intimate relationship with have with our animals. I find this fascinating, and interesting to paint. Those quite moments together.

I'll try to remember to post another example of what I'm talking about. This Bull Terrier piece is as of yet untitled. But is for sale. The size is 30" x 15" and is oil on canvas.

Just a note, "Old Shoes" earlier in my blog has been sold, and will be winging it's way from Washington state to Florida as soon as I get it framed.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Andalusian Dressage

For Sale -- no title yet -- 18" x 36" oil on canvas

Again I see small things to tinker with. But basically done. This is 18" x 36" oil on canvas. This breed of horse is an Andalusian, and they truly have this incredible amount of neck. It's not an exaggeration for the painting. For the dressage purists, I will be adjusting the riders body,

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Here is a painting I finished and signed yesterday. It is oil on canvas, 30" x 15". Cropping a jpg in photoshop gives me a different perspective on the work, I see a couple of small things to alter. I find it helpful to see your work in a fresh way.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Walking Out

Here's one of the paintings I've been working on recently. It is 15" x 30" oil on canvas. I do not have a title for it yet. It is closed to being finished, only a couple of little touches to go. This is another of the many equine pieces I'm completing for a gallery in March.

My work will vary more in a few weeks, but for right now it will be horses, horses, horses. In my work for this gallery I enjoy exploring the relationships between people and horses. Taking a more intimate view on the relationship between horse and rider. Painting that chemistry is what interests me. That's where I'm at for the next couple of weeks.

This painting is for sale, and if your interested in it (before it goes to the gallery in March) feel free to email me for the details at klm at kmdogart.com -- you know how to put the address together.

As an aside we have only one horse here now. I lost my 30 y.o. Morgan mare (I had her for twenty years) a couple of months ago. Naturally that was really tough -- she was my girl. In residence now is my daughters eventing horse, he is an almost 16 y.o. German Warmblood -- and a great guy.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Old Shoes

Old Shoes oil on board 11" x 14" for sale

I can't believe it took me a week to get back to my computer to make this post. I did finish "Old shoes" a couple of days ago. These smaller paintings don't take as long as some of the larger ones. And I'll usually have a smaller painting in the works while I'm working on other larger pieces.

These old horse shoes have been hanging around for a year or so (don't ask why LOL) and have acquired a wonderful patina of rust with just a little glimmer of the bright original color. I loved the few old nails that remained with the shoes. Lighitng, color, drama, all elements I like in my work. In this case it was pushing the color on the shadows. To me it adds a lot of life and vitality to such a simple subject. Also the play of the warm and cool colors against each other. You'll see more of this as Russian Impressionism is a great influence in my work.

This painting is for sale. If you are interested you can contact me at klm at kmdogart.com

The large dressage painting I mentioned a week ago is still not finished. My daughter loves those extreme looks, and the Andalusian I'm working on has it in spades. I can't believe the neck! I have another painting I've done this week which should be dry enough, I'll see when I get to my studio today, and take some pictures if it is.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Entry accepted

This painting titled "Gotcha!" was just juried into a national art show. I am always so extremely pleased when this happens. This weekend I need to get my husband to build me another plywood box specifically for "Gotcha" to safely ship it to Kansas.

"Gotcha" is actually one of a pair that I painted. The other original "Sliding Home" has already sold. I do have lush giclee reroductions on canvas available of both, if your interested the links are http://www.kmdogart.com/goldengotcha.htm and http://www.kmdogart.com/goldenhome.htm

I entered one other piece into the LSU juried "Animals in Art" show. I'm still waiting to hear if that one was accepted or not. I'll be sure to post the image here if it makes it.

I was painting in the studio today, but didn't get any snaps of what I'm working on yet. One of the pieces is smaller, and I hope to finish it this weekend (if my kid's schedules will allow me some time). I've already got a name for the painting "Old Shoes" Although not the kind of shoes most folks think of. I just love it when I have a name come to me ahead of time. It's so much better than when the painting needs to go off, and I'm racking my brain for a title.