Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bull Terrier

For Sale -- Currently unnamed -- oil on canvas 30" x 15"

I was away for the last several days at a painting workshop. It was wonderful. I have been wanting to take with Pam Ingalls (http://www.pamingalls.com/) for the last several years, but she had quit teaching. I am delighted that she was willing to do this, and hope she had a good time also and will consider other workshops in the future. She is truly a wonderful, fabulous painter.

So I had fully planned on posting for the blog one of the paintings I did in class (we had live models, clothed -- yeah!). But when I just took a look at the photo I took at the workshop I had to much glare from the very wet paint. The work was done (as much of mine usually is) alla prima, which means all in one sitting, wet into wet.

So instead I'm posting this fellow that I started quite awhile ago (before the horses started), but have never taken a photo of yet, or shared with others.

While I really enjoy painting animals I find more and more of my work is showing the intimate relationship with have with our animals. I find this fascinating, and interesting to paint. Those quite moments together.

I'll try to remember to post another example of what I'm talking about. This Bull Terrier piece is as of yet untitled. But is for sale. The size is 30" x 15" and is oil on canvas.

Just a note, "Old Shoes" earlier in my blog has been sold, and will be winging it's way from Washington state to Florida as soon as I get it framed.

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Violet said...


All your Artwork is ALIVE!!!! It carries beautiful expression along with the thought of being there looking at the individuals soul! Thank you for carrying the animals character down through your brush!
Best Regards once more
Deborah L. Foster
P.S. One of my alltime favourites is your blue Poodle!!