Friday, February 1, 2008

Entry accepted

This painting titled "Gotcha!" was just juried into a national art show. I am always so extremely pleased when this happens. This weekend I need to get my husband to build me another plywood box specifically for "Gotcha" to safely ship it to Kansas.

"Gotcha" is actually one of a pair that I painted. The other original "Sliding Home" has already sold. I do have lush giclee reroductions on canvas available of both, if your interested the links are and

I entered one other piece into the LSU juried "Animals in Art" show. I'm still waiting to hear if that one was accepted or not. I'll be sure to post the image here if it makes it.

I was painting in the studio today, but didn't get any snaps of what I'm working on yet. One of the pieces is smaller, and I hope to finish it this weekend (if my kid's schedules will allow me some time). I've already got a name for the painting "Old Shoes" Although not the kind of shoes most folks think of. I just love it when I have a name come to me ahead of time. It's so much better than when the painting needs to go off, and I'm racking my brain for a title.



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