Friday, July 11, 2008

Western Horse

Currently untitled, original oil on canvas. Framed size about 26" x 26" For Sale $1,000.00

I though I finished this painting this weekend. But I just spotted a faux pas. I forgot the right hand rein. Sheesh, now there would be some tricky riding. I'll have to take care of that little error. Maybe an artist shouldn't be so in love with their own work. But man I'm happy with this painting. Of course the ones that don't turn out the way I want you'll never see here LOL. And while I like the equine still life in the entry before, this is the looser style that I'm painting in now. This painting is for sale, if your interested in adding it to your home contact me at klm at

As a small brag "Working Out" which is somewhere earlier in my blog, just won the Washington Thoroughbred Publication Award at the prestigious Emerald Downs Equine Art show. It will be on a magazine cover in September I believe. Yipee!


Unknown said...

It was great to meet you today at the Art Supply store Karen! You showed me this painting (in real life) and it is just awesome. I am a reining competitor and I can tell that the pics for this painting was from a working horse event that likely had reining and working cow events going on. This will make a lovely piece for any western working horse competitor, too bad my husband is not a horse person or I would love to own it!

Unknown said...

Looking at how the rider is bridling up the horse and the horse is very soft in the face, brings some good titles to mind: "warm up", "getting focused","ready for the show pen", "focused","listening","soft","in the bridle" or any combination of these words. I hit publish too soon, sorry for the double post.

Karen McClelland said...

Thank you for your kind words. I enjoyed meeting you also. I like the idea of focused, because that's how I think of the piece also. It's obvious you can see the horses thought process and concentration.

Artists functon by word of mouth, please feel free to forward the blog url to your reining friends.