Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Desperately seeking names

Ack! Today I'm sending off info on three new paintings to a gallery in California, and I've been so busy painting -- I've totally forgotten about the titles. And they want the titles! So I thought I'd throw a quick plea out there to all you Katie MacAlister fans who came through so great for me before. If you have any quick thoughts for these poor nameless paintings -- I'm really open to suggestions. LOL.

You can send me a suggestion at karen at These three are all smaller than I normally paint either 9" x 12" or 12" x 6" done specifically for a December "small works" show.

Thanks so much for your quick help!

By the way sis, congratulations on the two new books released yesterday!


☆Dysania said...

Hi(: Katie MacAlister fan here xD I think a good name for the second painting is Elizabeth o,o She just strikes me as an Elizabeth (:

bsaccardo said...

What I think of when I see the girl in blue is either "Sorrow", "Melancholy" or "Heartbreak"

Unknown said...

The first one looks like she's dreaming. "Dreaming"

The second one looks like she feels like a princess. "Princess"

A friend of Katie Mac.

Tolkien Maiden said...

1. Dream
2. First Dance
3. Broken hearts

I love your paintings! Especially the horse paintings. :)

Anonymous said...

I could only think of one for the middle one:
End of Innocence

firewoman55 said...

If it's not too late:

1) Blue Dreams
2) Coming of Age
3) Heartbroken

Cindy McCune said...

Hi Karen :)

Paintings are wonderful!

1) Faintly Blue
2) Finding Her Path
3) Beyond Tears

Life Unfolding said...

I haven't seen your work before but I am a fan of Katie MacAlister, which is how I found you. The paintings are truely lovely. The girl in blue looks peaceful and I agree "Dreaming" fits.

The second girl in pink struck me as if she was looking for something, "Lost Earring" perhaps would be a good name. (Yes, I have been there.)

Finally, the lady in red has her back to us making me think she wants a moment of privacy. Perhaps "Tears" would be a good name?

Good luck and success with your paintings.