Monday, March 15, 2010

Artist in Action

Heading Back 30" x 24" oil on canvas

Come see an oil painting demo. I'll be doing it at the Fountainhead Gallery (625 W. McGraw St., Seattle, WA) this Saturday, March 20th starting at 3:00 pm. I plan on painting a cowboy from a photo reference I took last year.

Now that spring is here I look forward to getting out to the shows and taking more shots of cowboys for reference. I had planned on doing so this weekend, but had the wrong dates for the reining show. But there will be plenty of more opportunities coming up this summer. The same actual cowboy, just different shots, can be used many times. I just change the color of clothing and horse.

Above is my most recent cowboy titled "Heading Back". This fellow will be framed in the next week or so and then shipped to one of my new galleries -- the Philinda Gallery in Edwards, Colorado (in the Vail valley). I have several new paintings going there, so if you live in that neck of the woods drop me a line and I'll keep you informed about when they'll be available.

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